Why would he contact me if I said that I needed time?

It's been two weeks since my ex ended things and said that we should be friends. A week ago, he was still messaging me every day as if he hadn't recently crushed me, so I told him that I needed time to process everything. It was going well and then last night, he contacted me and left me a bit confused. Apparently, on Saturday, he was running, I was driving, we made eye contact, he waved at me, but I ignored him. Why am I confused? For as long as I've known him, he's been running on the beach. Why is he all of a sudden running on the road, in the area where I work? In addition, I honestly don't recall seeing him; I wouldn't have been looking for him to be running on the road in any case. For all I know, he could be making up that entire scenario. Then he said that he didn't want things to be awkward between us. Why did it take him 3 days to tell me about something that -as far as I am concerned- might not have happened? It obviously bothered him enough to tell me about it, even though I specifically asked for time.


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  • Just tell him you still need your time, and your space, and that includes him not contacting you for petty squabbles.


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  • You should take your time to decide on things and even if he tries to contact you don't respond to that, you have made it clear to him that you need time so you just need to tell him to wait so that you can contact him when you are ready.


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