How often do you contact someone you like?

just a question



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  • Once a day, more is pushing it.

    Im saying this from experience. If he is interested, he will be the one contacting back more often.

    • I've got a question. What if we talk till we go to sleep? He used to text me everday and now he kind of he waiting for me to start texting him more or is he no longer interested?

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    • I'm fine with not texting till bed time, I guess that was his mistake.


      So should I let days go by or just hours?

      I don't want to smother him to death, but I want him to know I care about him too!

    • Hours, also plenty, but 23 hours is already too much and showing you don't care. Once a day is enough on your part. If he calls, it also counts as that once. If he then complains about you not calling enough tell him this guy on a website told you so and smother him :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Everyday. No If Ands or Buts about it. They wouldn't want to go a day without talking to you no matter how busy. It takes seconds to call or text someone if you really wanted too and person can make time.

    • Mmm I see, so does it mater who makes first contact?

    • Nope just go with how you feel. Don't treat this like a game because it is not. It takes two so do your part by showing interest and he should do the same

    • Gottcha!

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