He messaged me again after our break up, I started to tremble when typing, my heart was beating faster, and I felt pain in my stomach. Weird?

I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago and it was my worst break up, an abusive one. It was amazing for the first three months, then he showed me his true colours. I've never been treated that way before by anyone. He was narcissistic, only cared about himself and never made me a priority. He was obsessed with his family too, though they never support him. I knew all his flaws but I loved him anyway. Until he told me he has only been in a relationship with me 'cause he had been worried I'd die without him. Not to mention that he was the one who fell in love with me first and I gave him a chance but when I did love him, he screwed up. He even told me if he meets a better girl, he'd choose her over me. Weird, 'cause I was his first after 23 years. Well, I cried hard after that, I felt sick, even couldn't go to my classes for weeks. Spent my days throwing up and crying like a sucker. I'm saying this because I always been always a strong girl and I never felt that weak before. I stood it until we broke up. He did apologize many times, said his miserable life, his brother's loss and parents' divorce made him this way. And wished me a good luck with another. I swear I tried everything to help him and make it work. I always did but the more I tried, the more I suffered. I had a hard time getting over it, I used to focus on the good things and memories rather han the bad which is five times bigger. Now luckily I can control it, I've moved on. I met new people and I rarely remember him. We don't even talk. However, when he messaged me today, we talked and he told me he had broken his leg and seemed sad, then left and we stopped chatting. I felt kinda sad about it. Thinking I'd have taken care of him and been with him, like I always have. A part of me felt sad and the other reminded me of all the bad things. But it's too late now, I won't ever go back to him no matter what. It's just that I wonder if I still have feelings for him or it was just pity. Was I the bad one?


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  • Why haven't you blocked him? You're fucking up big time


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  • I think that you only reacted that way because your affection for him was real. Doesn't necessarily mean you still have feelings for him, basically just means you will always have a space for him in your heart despite how horrible he treated you.


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