Do I have the right to get my stuff back and be angry?

Okay so, our relationship did end, but it ended with him calling me drunk and saying 'I don't think its going to work out'. The next day I told him I wanted to meet up for some answers and the truth. We went to a park and for some reason it felt like we never broke up, but sadly we did. We concluded that I was still in love with him, but I didn't want to get back with him ever and he just wanted to be my friend. So the week goes on and out of no where I get a phone call, its him he wants his student ID back. Not only that he wanted me to bring it to him, btw I was at a friends house about 20 blocks away and this is at 7 at night ( I don't have a car). I told him NO. We don't speak again, another week passes and I see one of his best friends girlfriends. We hang out and talk about stuff, she tells me that in less than a week of being broken up, he meets a girl at some dance ( where he needed his student ID) and not only makes out with her but hooks up with her. and he claims that he actually likes this girl. Now I just want my stuff back, and I don't want to see his face again. He was my first love, what a guy?


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  • No reason to be angry, get your stuff back and forget him.

    It was not nice of him, but not caring about him, and not acknowledging his presence is the biggest punishment you get to give.


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  • Get your stuff back and move on you don't need someone like that.


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