How to get over your ex?

It's been a while since I break up with my ex girlfriend aprox: 8 months.
I tried almost everything to get over her, but I still can't.. We've been together for more than 4 years,
and she cut any contact with me since, New Year's Eve.
Somedays I feel okay and don't think about her that much, but another ones are just horrible.
In the past month I get used to dream her and this also think about the memories from our relationship and this hurts me.
Anytime I think that I get over her I find myself in Bermuda's Triangle.
It's like I do gym, dance, go out.. but for some reason I just can't forgot about her, she stay always on my mind and the first thing I do when I log in to facebook is to check her profile and see what's going on, you might called it obsession, but I don't know.
Today I saw her a picture from the Black Sea where she went for a relax,
and this reminded me that we was together last summer and now not and felt horrible about it.
She do have support from her parents, but I don't have any... She lives her life perhaps normally why I suffer about her...

Any advice appreciated and thanks for listening to my story!
How to get over your ex?
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