How to get over your ex?

It's been a while since I break up with my ex girlfriend aprox: 8 months.
I tried almost everything to get over her, but I still can't.. We've been together for more than 4 years,
and she cut any contact with me since, New Year's Eve.
Somedays I feel okay and don't think about her that much, but another ones are just horrible.
In the past month I get used to dream her and this also think about the memories from our relationship and this hurts me.
Anytime I think that I get over her I find myself in Bermuda's Triangle.
It's like I do gym, dance, go out.. but for some reason I just can't forgot about her, she stay always on my mind and the first thing I do when I log in to facebook is to check her profile and see what's going on, you might called it obsession, but I don't know.
Today I saw her a picture from the Black Sea where she went for a relax,
and this reminded me that we was together last summer and now not and felt horrible about it.
She do have support from her parents, but I don't have any... She lives her life perhaps normally why I suffer about her...

Any advice appreciated and thanks for listening to my story!


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  • Honestly, time heal all wounds. Some days are going to naturally be better, other days you will be reminded of her and miss her a lot. Its all part of the healing process.

    Sometimes the best way to get over a break up is just doing your thing. (which you already are), another is to meet people. Go make new friends and build new friendships. Having positive people who will make you laugh helps. Just keep yourself busy and work on yourself for the better. In time, you will rarely think about/ miss her.

    • but It's been almost than 8 months and still hurts like in the beginning...
      That's not normal I even lost motivation to live my life anymore.

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    • Maybe not, but I was a lot miserable in the last few months.

    • Then you are slowly but gradually progressing. Just keep it up.
      Cheers for the MHO, shoot me a message if you just need to talk :)

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  • I'm in the same boat as you so I can relate what goes trough your mind... I ended mine 6 months ago, it was an amazing relationship and we broke up on good terms. It's normal to have those flashbacks, they take time to "be deleted from your system". You are already doing quite good by going out and work on yourself! That's great! You are just doing one thing wrong that I was doing for 4 months after the breakup. Checking her profile and taking a look at old pictures / moments. When you do that it get's you to ground zero. I stopped doing so and I don't have half as many flashbacks as I did. It takes time, but it will eventually be a past thing.
    The best for you my friend! :D

    • I'm checking every single day, dream her, think about her during the job, and I feel like if I see her with somebody else I'll be really angry... It's not normal, for some reason in my mind she is like the best girl I ever met in my entire life and I might not find a better girl than her or have another one at all.

    • You must had a really strong bound to that girl. As @karennn said try a second time, she might be also not over you.

      It's about hitting that switch, and go full DELETE mode.

    • It's really strong perhaps... thinking about to send her a postcard.

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