Was he a good guy?

my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me two days ago. we usually have fights but never like this. In the beginning he promised never to hurt me and the only reason we would break up is if one of us cheated. the fighting started when a girl at his work broke up with her 7 year boyfriend and they started messaging outside of work. of course i knew nothing of this since this is the time he stopped talking to me. Now he hangs out with her all the time and shit. When i asked why, he said he had to much on his plate, that this relationship is added stress and that he doesn't love me anymore. this is only my side, but I'm heartbroken and scared that there isn't any good guys out there.


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  • Ok, so even after 4 years of your relationship if your boyfriend can get attracted to some other girl coming of a long relationship and take things forward with her, fall out of love with you then I really doubt that he was ever in love with you. If he was in love with you there is no chance that he could have got attracted to someone else.

    Hence you should just forget about him, of course it will be natural for you to wonder if there are good guys out there, but yes there are good guys out there but they are hard to find.


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  • Nope, at least he wasn't good to/ for you. Its probably for the best that he left. If he doesn't realize what he has then maybe its for the better. I know its hard to find this reasonable now but you deserve the world. Find a man who will treat you like his queen.

    • all my stuff is still at his place

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    • what if I'm in denial XD maybe I'm just waiting for him to crawl back. but i don't think i would take him back. i think i just want his love again

    • That is upto you. But I stand by my opinion :) Good luck

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  • take time away from the guy. And guys go crazy once their ex makes them jealous. If you texted some other guys or went out. Or posted some pics, it would drive him right back to you. He needs time to realize how much you mean to him

  • I will bet my bottom dollar that he will come back. We always do. There are good guys are there. Pick yourself up and move on.


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