What do I do?

I really like this boy, but I'm afraid to tell him because I haven't known him all that long, only about a month now... But ever since I first saw him it was like omg. You're really cute and I really fricking like you. What do I do?


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  • do you two talk often? you can always ask him out. I personally hate it when girls try and hide their emotions. ask him out to coffee, chill at a park, get food etc. take the intiative. just be ready to adjust your tactics if it turns out he just wants to be friends

    • Well, I would ask him for coffee but he`s a hour and a half drive away, he said he wants to come to my house for my birthday though. Also when I went down for a show which I do ALOT, he wanted me to see him at work, and like texted me right after saying we need to hang out soon.

    • Well just make do with what you can when you can see him. if he wants to come see you for your birthday, and he's willing to drive an hour and a half to see you, he sounds interested.

    • True true. Thank you !!! :)

  • Flirt with him let him know you are interested, if he likes you he will let you know, flirt back etc ...


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