Does he just want out?

We've known each other for 6 years and have met in person countless times. I've also met his family. However, he has been wanting to Skype with me for the last couple days but we couldn't because of schedule confiction. I finally I told him that I can stay up late last night since I'm off the next day, which is today. He said 'sure sounds good, looking forward to talk to you''. So last night I stayed up the whole night for him. I even texted asking what time he's getting off work but he never responded. I stayed up until 12:30 am until I got too tired and went to bed. I wake this morning.. still no text from him, Then he just texted me and said'he got busy with work.

I was bothered by this so I sent him several messages telling him that it was disrespectful for him to blew me off like like that. He responded and said "okay, I'm sorry ! geez, your'e over reacting.

This irritated me so I sent him more messages to my own defense , telling him again how wrong it was of him then I said i'll let it slide and if he wasn't to talk then he'll have to come to me and show me that he's willing to make effort. He responded and said"Okay, I'm done ! Cya!(I didn't even read all that) Please don't talk to me anymore' 'I then said why are being such a jerk? I didn't do anything to warrant such hostility! Then he was I didn't know that you were going to be so crazy.

I know that it can be annoying to be bombered with texts but I suspect he just wants out?


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  • Yes, I can understand that and there are people who do this display this kind of behavior and it can indeed be very annoying. Honestly speaking you shouldn't tolerate such people who behave and you shouldn't stay in contact with such people as well.

    In your case, there can be 3 possibilities

    1. It's possible that he got busy with work but then even if he was he could have messaged you then and there and he could have said he was busy and we can talk later, but he didn't do that he was making you wait, wait and wait which was not at all a good behavior on his part. It was poorly handled by him.

    How much time would it take to type a small message and say that" he was busy and can't talk right now so we'll find some time to talk later", how much time would it take to type out this sentence? hardly any, may be 1 minute, surely nobody can be that busy. Hence he didn't handle this very maturely.

    2. It's possible that he forgot to reply, which is by the way an excuse, a big excuse that many people use so it's possible that this guy forgot to reply to you and is in turn coming up with another excuse saying he got busy with work. It's possible he wasn't actually busy but he forgot to reply so he making it up with the excuse of being busy.

    Him forgetting to reply also indicates that he is not taking you seriously and he certainly doesn't respect your time. Which is very disrespectful.

    3. It's possible that he is actually not interested in you, nor he is interested in conversing with you anymore, so instead of directly telling this on your face, he is using indirect tactics to show his rejection towards you, that is by saying he was busy with work. Many times and many people don't actually reject someone on the face, because that hurts a lot, hence they always do something indirect to reject someone like saying I forgot to reply, I was busy with work and so on.

    Hence it's possible that this guy wanted you to get the message on your own and that's he acted like that.

    4. As you said it's possible he wants it out and hence this behavior.

    Now, I don't know what it can be, because you have known him for 6 years so you know him better than anyone else. However given the facts that you have mentioned in your post. I only told you the logical possibilities.

    In the end of the post you said correctly, anyone who makes you wait like this and not putting the effort then that clearly indicates they are taking you casually and it's a lack of interest on their part.


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  • Not sure tbh


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