How do you stop missing your ex?

What are/were your techniques?


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  • The problem is that we cause at least 50% of missing our exes ourselves.

    We keep looking out her picture. We keep seeing her Facebook profile because we wanna know what she is doing and who she is doing it with. Etc.

    Realize that missing her is the same thing a drug abuser having to quit drugs. Research has shown that the same part of our brains get stimulated when seeing her as when using drugs. And when not seeing her will cause withdrawal symptoms. So treat it as you are coming off drugs. SO... GO COLD TURKEY.

    Stop seeing her. Avoid thinking about her. BE active. Do things that make you feel good about yourself that do not involve her in anyway. If you don't wanna unfriend her in Facebook click on on the Following button and select "unfollow". That way you won't see her updates but you are still friend with her.

    • I dont look at her social media, it's weird but I can even hardly remember her face. I was always bad at remembering faces, and I forgot how she looked like. I've almost forgotten her untill she contacted me few weeks ago -.-

  • finding a new girl


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