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My son's mother and i have been separated for about 3 years now and our son lives with her. She has had a few relationships during that time whereas i stayed single. I recently met a nice girl (nothing serious as of yet) and my son's mother found out about her. Son's mother flips out and starts threatening me. Calls her family lawyer to start a court process and family reresponsibility office even tho i am one month ahead for support payments. Son's mother has been diagnosed with severe depression and supposed to go to counseling (that she missed the majority of) and take prescription medications (which she hasn't filled). Son's mother is currently on welfare. I have information that would devastate her life by way of being banned from welfare and possibly jail time. Do i file a report first or do i wait and see if she actually started a court proceeding?


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  • Were you married? How old is the son? Question is what's best for your son? Can you take care of him on your own? If so what I would honestly do is file for custody of your son and be very carfull whom you bring around him.

    • Never married legally. We lived together until he was 2. He is 5 now. Yes i am able to take care of him and i do have a support system of family to help.

    • Ok... well then if there are underlying issues that could potentially hinder her from being able to provide for your son or take care of him then I would suggest getting custody of him while he's young. That's not a judgement against her but the relationship between a father and is important and you don't want nothing to get in the way of that HOWEVER so is the relationship between mother and son so don't get in the way of that either. I don't like women who use their kids as leverage or pawns because they are scorned.

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  • Well since you are seperated she can't say as to how you should lead your life. Are you sure of this girl that you met? you have a son so you should be careful whom you are getting to the house as to whether that person will get along well with your son. It's very important as that can have an effect on your son.

    As far as son's mother is concerned you shouldn't give in to her threats.

    • The girl i met is a single mom herself with 2 children. We did do a lot of conversation before meeting each other. Long before introducing our kids. Its not so much a matter of giving in to threats. Its the matter of protecting myself from slander and the biased family court system. (Apologies to the females here but it is true)

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