Should I let him go and move on or try to work something out?

I met this guy last August and he is basically my other half, lol. We kinda played games with each other for a while, but now we have been just keeping it real with each other. He's very blunt and straight up about things whereas I am more emotional and complicated. He is also extremely open minded and kinky when I feel like some of the things he suggests are a little degrading or uncomfortable, which we find balance and compromise with anyway. So that's our little back story...

The problem is... he doesn't want to date me really because he can't get too serious at the moment seeing as he is about to move out of state. He is also seeing some else. I know who the girl is and they aren't exactly serious however they awfully resemble a couple (they do not claim to be boyfriend and gf). That's a little confusing to me but I'm cool with him dating other people...

I am really starting to fall for him and I know he really likes me too.

Lately I've been acting weird around him and kinda cold and distant because I am trying to protect myself from getting hurt but I know he's not deliberately trying to hurt me. Oh, and he honestly doesn't think of me as just another girl to hook up with... we've only had sex once but he wants to take things slower. lol I've even begged him like twice to hook up but he refuses. Anyways...

I don't know what to do, like should I talk to him about trying to continue our thing we have going on once he moves or should I just try to forget about him?
Should I let him go and move on or try to work something out?
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