Has he moved on? Should I contact him?

My ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago. We planned to meet and talk but he didn't show up on the day so I called him after 30 minutes of waiting and he got his friend to message me and break up with me pretending to be my ex (I can tell by the tone of writing and word he uses which is different to my ex). Three days later I saw my ex in the club and he pointed at me. We didn't say hi to each other but my friend said he kept on looking at our side and when i turn I could see that he is looking at me. A week later my ex drunk message me saying he still wants to have sex with me and I didn't reply.

I want to talk to my ex, I want know the reason for our break up. I also want to know why did he not show up or just tell that he didn't want to meet up as we talked on the phone and he suggested the day to meet up! I also know that my ex friend really hates me because I took my ex away from him and he wants my ex to be single so they could go clubbing and get off with girls. Could my ex friend persuaded my ex not to meet me? Should I contact my ex on text? Or ask him in the club?

Has he moved on? Should I contact him?
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