I still miss him a lot even though he doesn't care about me?

So I only went out w/him a little under 2 months, but I grew emotionally attached. He wanted the relationship and to take it long distance. He started growing cold and I pressured him quite a bit due to wanting answers. Eventually he said we could be friends w/potential and he was confused about his feelings, plus he is afraid of falling in love. He didn't want to date other girls and was resentful when I said I would be dating. I was gonna wait for him, but now I see there is no point, he will prob never love me the way I want to be loved. We never had sex, so he didn't use me in that way. He hasn't contacted me in about a month, I messaged him about casual stuff 2 weeks in and he didn't ask anything about me. Here I am hurting over a guy who doesn't care about me. Why am I so attached to a fantasy?


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  • He moved on.
    Guys move on very quickly and think nothing of ancient history.


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  • Well, whether you meant it seriously or not, you pushed him away for good when you said that you would be dating in the mean time. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered, but if he really was sincere about not dating other girls and knew you would "wait" for him (sure, you could have found someone else, but don't tell him that), maybe he would have come back to you. And maybe he's still on your mind because you see how good it could have been with him, but it just fizzled out. And there's been no closure bc the "door" is still open bc he still responds to you, but it hurts to see his responses are not heartfelt or communicative. You just want him to come out and explain himself and put a cap on all this. He was like an ice cream cone, and you got a delicious lick, but then a bird came snatched the cone away, so now you can't lick it anymore. But there are plenty of other ice cream cones that taste just as good, so try your best to move on. I wouldn't contact him anymore and would try to move forward.

    • I did tell him i would wait, but after 2 weeks of complete silence, I knew he never truly cared for me.

    • Also he has no clue that I recreated a dating profile online and have been talking to other guys.

    • Oh ok. Then you're doing the right thing. Just try not to rebound.

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  • We always want what we can't have.
    it's the same as that saying 'treat them mean, keep them keen'

  • You haven't moved on


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