Should I back off?

So I've been going out on dates and hanging out with this guy for the last few weeks. We both like each other very much but he says he isn't ready to be bf/gf. Which I can understand he's got a lot going on and he is still young (19)

But for the last three days he's been acting differently, he doesn't text me and when I've texted him our conversation ends quickly. I asked him last night if he still wanted to go to the movies and he didn't was kind of late so maybe he fell asleep or just didn't feel the need to respond.

what should I do?

Back off or confront him about it?


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  • He could of been busy went out, fell asleep or didn't want to go just wait for him to text you back kind of back off for now you don't want to pressure him into going.

    • I only asked because the day we were supposed to go, he ended up sleeping all day etc...I'm just curious about his sudden change in's like he did a full 360. I know he said he was wishy-washy but it just struck me as odd.

    • LOL he slept all day wtf get a new boyfriend jp

    • I don't know, he isn't a typical guy and I can see him sleeping all day...

      I didn't think much of it, since he hasn't bailed on me before..but since that day

      he just seems more 'meh'

  • If he likes you he will contact you, make time for you etc, if you confront him you come accross as clingy controlling makes you less attractive pushes him away, geez only after a few weeks its just dating...


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