Girl I like is leaving me for one of her co-workers from restaurant?

its kind of confusing she wasn't my official girlfriend at any point this summer but I had a serious thing for her and really into her , we spent a fair bit of time together mostly when out at night at various bars and such. I always had the feeling she was a bit out of my league but I figured I had managed to meet her and get this far regardless.
but all of a sudden things went sour and August she's been distant and harder to talk to then all of a sudden a new boyfriend appeared who I also happened to kind of know although never really hung out with him , he works at the same restaurant she works at as a bartender. there suddenly now together at the same places we used to party at and go to.
I'm just having a hard time dealing with this , I don't have anything against the guy , he seems nice but his grin/smile the other night had me wanting to punch him in the face , you could just tell he was so happy he got this girl all of a sudden.

I'm just not ready to deal with this , its really going to hurt to lose her


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  • The only time a person is out of your league is when you make that carve that thought in your mind that she is out of your league.
    Don't approach that way. :)

    And sorry to hear that but yep it will definitely hurt.
    I suggest you don't go to the same bar or wherever she works anymore.
    Especially until your feelings for her or the hurt you feel at the moment have completely dissipated.

    • think that might be what she was hoping for that I'd stop going there as much , I think it annoyed her when I was around so often , she enjoyed talking to me at the bar she liked to go to after work but often got annoyed and less talkative when I was at restaurant.

      just though she was out on my league cause of who she is , she's blonde , good looking , went to a high class university , has cool friends

    • Just stop hanging out for a while

    • its mostly a summer hangout , people don't really go there much come the fall so I wouldn't see much of her then anyways

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  • Hard to say...

    • I saw them together twice now and she barely will even say hi to me anymore , she is definitely leaving for him

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