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I was going out with this guy for a while and then he broke up with me. well his best friend started to like me. and we had been talking and stuff and I started to like him. he always made me feel beautiful and special but yesterday, he posted on Facebook that he was in a relationship with some other girl. it broke my heart. I'd started to really like him. I've told him stuff about me that not a lot of people know. I'm a cutter and he was helping me get through it. I haven't cut in 3 weeks, but I almost did last night. in case you're wondering, I didn't tho. I've started to really like him. what should I do? I need some advice. desperately. please help me.


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  • Sometimes love stings us so, but it's not the end of your life (nor is it a reason to cut). That he is with someone else, and likes them enough to make it FB official, is just one of those hard moments I guess. Sometimes we are oblivious to our effect on others, and pain is caused without intent. He probably didn't mean to hurt you, but if he likes her then you can either wait and hurt, or move on and free yourself.


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  • Break them up he's yours...or wait till they break up...


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