If I give her space will she move on and forget about me?

Me and this girl dated over 3 years, an otherwise healthy relationship apart from a few fights here and there. She would often think that i ignore her or dont put in any effort for her, and we've had moments before where we would take a break for a while but she was always the one who wanted to fix things which tells me she must have cared. The last fight it was me who broke it off with her because I felt so insecure about stuff that was overwhelming me (work one of the big ones). She was incredibly upset, again trying her best to convince me to stay and saying i could speak to her whenever i want but I was being irrational and left. 2 weeks later i recollected myself and told her sorry and that i wanted to try again. She gave me the cold shoulder, saying she was miserable. I asked if there was another guy involved and she wouldn't tell me, only saying "you chose this, you chose this remember that". So the convo ended with her saying she needs time to think. I waited another few weeks and approached her and she said she doesn't think it can go back to like before (she has said this before in the past).

She reached out recently when she heard that I got a new job and was doing better for myself, but since she has regressed back into not speaking to me. I feel such a fool and completely took her for granted. She knows how sorry I am but now i feel like she doesn't love me anymore. If i continue giving her the space will she forget about me? I just can't stop thinkin about whats going on in her head, if she's happy or not without me, if she can ever forgive me. Anyone else had similar situations?
If I give her space will she move on and forget about me?
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