Should I divorce him?

My husband called me an ugly fuck today. All because his dad put on a bbq but I had to put my son down for his nap just at around serving time. He thinks I did this on purpose or that I should be at the bbq and keep my son awake, knowing full well he will cry and cling to me because he's tired. Surely it should be me who's upset about missing the meal? He's ignored me all day, because this morning he wanted to go to his dad's house with our son even though last week we agreed we wouldn't take him there until the baby gate arrived - the house is half built and lots of open stairwells etc. Because I reminded him of this he kicked off and now I'm sat in whilst my son is sleeping feeling incredibly bullied and unsupported. It's been like this since I fell pregnant. And at times I've wished nothing more but to leave him. But I worry about my son. And what I would do to be honest, being a single mum. I've tried talking to him but it's useless. He's sorry one day then abusive the next. We used to have a lot of chemistry but now we can't stand each other. Today's the first time he said anything about what I look like, normally it's about who I am.
Should I divorce him?
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