Will he come back to me? I was not expecting it at all. Do I have a chance he will still come back, I haven't contacted him since my last try. help?

My current situation is that's I am not with my fiancé, we broke up on July 23rd, he left me saying he wants to end the relationship. The next day I asked to see him, cried to work it out he said no. A weeks after I called he didn't respond and said that because I don't give the ring back, I don't deserve to talk to him. August 5th was the last Time I tried to work it out, I called and met with him and gave the ring back and asked him to start over if I have a very little place left in his heart , he said no you have a big place and I love u so much but I can't forgive you deep inside my heart for what you said to me. I said u forgave me the same day and u told me you can't live without me and that u love me, u r lying, it's your family who doesn't let you be with me, that was just an excuse that u could leave me overnight. His family loved me before. On June 10th he proposed on our 10 months anniversary. All of a sudden his mom got jealous and started ignoring me and for 10 days he was fighting with his family for me and telling me that he wants us to get married sooner than 1.5 months, we already bought a lot for our house. Then one days his brothers fought with him and he changed in few hours with me, I got mad, took the ring back and said fuck you and fuck your family. We fought but he forgave me and said he can't live without me and will tell his mom he loves me so much and that she can call and talk to me and gave the ring back and kissed me good night. Next day he said he needs to talk to me and said that the relationship is over for what I said, that I said fuck u and duck your family which is not the reason. He couldn't change overnight. We have been such a happy couple for 11 months and never had a big fight and could understand and get along so well. We loved eachother crazy. I don't know what happened overnight. He said that he never wants to be with me and that he wish me good luck when I gave the ring back on August 5th. Pls help, we love Each other


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  • It's over for good. I don't think he was ever as into you as you thought he was. Be happy it's only been 11 months and not 11 years. This happens a lot. You're not the first and certainly not the last

    • Thanks for the response but we were about to get married and he was moving out of his house to get married even sooner and the day before he told me that he loves me so much that he breaks in front of me and that he won't let anything happen to us. I could feel he is crazy in love with me. He proposed after 10 months. I want to fight for our love.

    • It was all a lie. You were in a fantasy and I'm sure there were red flags you ignored. You certainly aren't the first to have this happen. There is nothing to fight for. He wasn't happy and he never will be. Accept it, learn from it and move on

  • You can't undo whats done. With heavy hearts just forget about it and meet someone else

    • Thanks for the response but I want to fight for our love. I have no chances?

    • You want to fight yes? You have a chance actually but I needed to be sure if you were ready to fight for him. So, go meet him and tell him how much you love him and want to be with him. Just be honest and talk to him and his family as a whole

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  • To be honest I wish I could tell you that he really loves you and that he will be back but I can't say that. I will tell you a short story, I was with this guy and we were in love and all happy. Suddenly one day we had this fight that ended with me giving him a slap on his face and to be honest he was the one asking me to do it and I just lost it and did it, it was no big deal because it was soft I didn't really hurt him. So then we broke up and he said he would never forgive me for what I did, but truth was that he was actually seeing someone else and just wanted an excuse to end things. What I am trying to say is that sometimes we think they love us and that they will be back but maybe they were just finding an excuse to break up because in reality they did not love us as they said they did. He actually apologized 5 months later and of course he was already dating the other girl but I had so much respect for myself that I said no. So I would suggest that you see how much worth you have and don't settle for less when you can have much more. Good Luck!


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