Does my ex boyfriend still loves me?

I have a guy friend i met online and its 6 months that were chating together! So as a friend we share our lovelife and experiences. We start getting close last May 2016, then our feelings developed. I start loving him and he start loving me too. We start our relationship as lovers June 3,2016, we chat sweetly and we do video calls too. He calls me wifey or baby. We had some fights but we manage it and goes back to normal. But on his birthday July 24, there is one girl who commented on his post greeting him HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART; i was so shocked and suddenly called him to ask who is she.. but he said its just a friend. So i doubt; since then i always doubt. Then weeks ago he decided to broke up with me bcs he said if were in relationship surely everyday i doubt better to be friends bcs no doubting. So i accepted it that were friends again. I also told him that he. can just leave me but he said no! Then then next morning of our break up, he still sent me chat good morning baby! Then today he called me video call and his wearing the polo that i sent to him as my gift last July 24,(I never meet him yet personally but i sent him wallet.. polo shirt and a wallet for his mum) Then we happily talk each other , he's celebrating his birthday based on malayalam calendar , so he asked me sorry for what happened. He promised me that he will still be with me and he still wanted to meet me personally. But i said its okay with tears falling on my face. I love him a lot : Then were about to end the call when i hear him saying softly i miss u baby.. i love u and he sent kisses, I I replied.. i miss u too and sent kisses. Does he still loves me? Why his still acting like were still lovers? Im confused :( thanks
Does my ex boyfriend still loves me?
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