Is it bad to still be talking to my ex boyfriend?

We have been broken up for 3 weeks now. We both still love each other very much, but I knew that the relationship would not work out because of how much we biker and have fights with each other. I know he wasn't willing to break up, so it wasn't mutual at all.
Around the 2 week mark, we hadn't heard anything from each other, but I was going through something so I decided to call him drunk one night. And then the next morning he called me. A few days later, he texted and I knew I couldnt do it anymore so i told him I need space. Three days later, I reached out to him around midnight and we talked all night and he called agin in the morning. That was today.
Im on dating apps and he knows this. We both agree we are not going to get back together and we just like talking as friends. We even talk about people we are talking to and things like that.

Is it bad we still talk to each other?
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Is it bad to still be talking to my ex boyfriend?
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