How do you cut people off?

Hello all , I'm outgrowing my current friends and would like to leave the social group. I've tried before telling them "Hey I need to get my life together and lets not talk for a year" and they begged me not to and I don't really know what to do. I have love for them but I feel like their holding me back. Any advice, I don't want to be mean to get my point across.

Reasons for leaving

- Not intellectually stimulating
- No intellectual humility
- Lack of self control
- Over emotional ( Which leads to LOTS irrational decisions )
- Can't see consequences to their actions
- Repeating same bad decisions
- Not introspective
- 50/50 of getting physical when offended
- Brain numbing conversations
- Very bad problem solving skills


Most Helpful Guy

  • I see several options:

    Sit down with them and tell them this group has to change in the following ways or I'm out. They probably laugh, then you leave. Or they change. If its drugs, immature, they aren't gonna change unless they are ready.

    Start spending time finding and being with the crowd you want. Don't show up or hang out with them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ignore any contact from them, eg phone calls, texts, emails.
    Avoid them when you are out, if they see you and shout you over just blank them.
    Don't feel bad about it either, you tried telling them but they were reluctant to listen to you. Here's hoping you find more decent friends that can hold intellectually stimulating conversations with you, aren't trouble maker's and can be more supportive of you and your decisions. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Just stop hanging out with them. Sometimes you really need to drop some of your friends to keep moving forward in your life. If they beg you to hang out iwth them just say no or that you have other plans,

  • i just message them on social media that i dont want to be in contact with you anymore because of some personal reason so please dont contact me again.
    and then i block them and never heard from them again

  • Stop hanging out with them. Give excuses if you have to: "I'm kinda busy right now." Find new people to associate with and you will gradually drift away from the old crowd

  • Yeah , kinda in same problem


What Girls Said 1

  • lessen your contact with them, like push them away everytime , but not literally, just be casual friends


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