Should I let her?

my friend wants to get me with this guy that I no .. I mean I think he's cute and everything but I don't think it would work because I've met him once and I've talked to him once and that was lat year what do I do


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  • What do you want to do, maybe friends with benefits till something better comes along


What Girls Said 1

  • what do you mean by "get you with"?

    • Juss date

    • Oh well yeah you should! or at least maybe ask her if you guys can all hang out together so you can get reacquainted with him and see if he's someone you could see yourself dating. if not, but you still think he's a cool guy, you can try and build up a friendship. good luck!

    • But the thing is I don't know if he remembers me and I don't no if he will think I'm a freak because I juss said tha he was cute and I sent him a friend request on Facebook

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