Ex doesn't seem to mind talking. Does he want to be friends?

We started a conversation 2 weeks ago after not really talking, except for him saying he hopes I'm well, which was a couple of months after we broke up. He said it was nice to kind of talk again, & when I didn't carry on a conversation, he text me again a couple of days later asking how my new place is.

He said he was having an operation the next day, so on the day I said good luck to him. He read the message when he got home & I wasn't expecting a reply, just wanted to be supportive & I know he has no family around. He has been online after that day.

Now 2 weeks later he texts me on a new number saying his whatsapp isn't working & he's over the moon with the results & thanks for my message & he hopes I'm well. Then he texts he may have accidentally called me.

Why did he text me now 2 weeks later on his new phone? I didn't need a reply. He read my message 2 weeks ago & if he wanted to he could have replied then. Does he want to be friends? I'm just confused why he's keeping contact. He's 32 by the way.


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  • Just because you broke up doesn't mean you need to burn bridges. Don't think too much about it.


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