How to tell ex you still have feelings for them, did anyone and how did it go?

Has anyone ever told their ex they still had feelings for them after sometime during the Bu? How did it go after you did? Iv been broken up with my boyfriend for 3 months almost 4 and still have deep feelings for him. Sicne the bu he has initiated contact shortly after. We have talked, joked around and had sex a few times and now I have to see him everyday for a summer camp i am at with a student. The last time I asked him to come hang he said he had a lot going on and was not sure how he felt. Not sure if that was aout us too. We always catch each other lookin at each other and i can't help but find something still there. Also the other counselors tell me when he looks at me all day. its not like I have no contact with him, i am just not sure how to go about it. I want another shot but it is up to him as my feelings are there. So has anyone ever done this? How did it turn out? Why did you break up in the first place and are u still together?


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  • I still have feelings for the woman who moved 1,200 from me for her career. That was eight years ago. We both still care for each other. Once in a while we will call, send birthday and holiday wishes.

    There are two women in my life that have touched me in this way. I would take either one of them back in a heartbeat. We both know that is not going to happen.

    There are a few things that love simply can not change. It works both ways.

  • You're wasting your time. It'll never last. Successful couples never break up


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