How long before I can contact her again? she says she can forgive but cannot forget?

Hey Guys/Girls

Need you all's input.

I've been dating this girl for about 7years on and off. Last year we decided to take some time apart and date other people. She dated some guy and I dated some girl for about 6months. Both of the relationships we were in didn't last. We decided to give our relationship another shot. Before we got into the relationship my girlfriend had asked me if I had slept with anyone during our break. As honest as I could be I told her the truth. I told her slept with two girls "one girls slept with she knew frm school who she wasn't to fawn with " before dating the girl was with for 6months.
She was bummed and upset and we were able to get passed it. She told me she forgave me and everything. Things were going good both working on the relationship and every. As any other relationship had our little disagreements but we got passed it. Well one evening the shit hit the fan.. The girl I had slept with that she had know frm school had liked my girlfriends comment that she had put on her friends status. My girlfriend was furious.. She said all the memories and feelings came back and that she forgives me but will never forget. Right now we are not talking and she can't be in the relationship anymore because she will never forget. It honestly sucks because I know I messed up and I told her countless times that I regret what I did. Told her wish we never broke up and never slept with those girls..

Need advice or any input what I should do.. Thank You So much..


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  • Are you sure she wasn't just looking for an excuse to end the relationship and shift the blame of it not working this time on to you? You were broken up. You both were dating other people. I could slightly understand her being upset if you had been broken up for a week and in that time had slept with 2 others, but it sounds like it was a pretty large amount of time.

    • Thats what I'm thinking also.. Found out she added this guy I hate on FB.. And I know that guy loves her and everything.. She would tell me so much stuff about him and everything.

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    • I think you are right... thank you so much for feedback.. it does suck because I truly do love her but probably right because she always came back when something wasn't out. she knows i drop everything for her.. hate it because she made a comment saying well you shouldn't have problem moving on since did sleep with 3 people. When she told me that it broke my heart, regret doing that in the past.

    • I know it doesn't make it hurt less, but it really does sound like she's trying to shift focus off herself by making you feel bad about things you never even had to tell her. You didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and have nothing to be ashamed about! Try to stay strong, and try to stop being her crutch when things don't work out in her other relationships.

  • Let her be mad , apologize and reassure her you love her and that other girl was just sex...

    • I Have :( I even told her regret doing it.. she doesn't want talk to me and says need go separate ways because she can't forget it.. sucks because at the time she was dating someone else..

    • I would just explain that to her , understand she is hurt , maybe you should pursue her even harder to show her how much you really do love her... I mean I'm just speaking from my own opinion having been through a similar situation... I made sure the guy who did that had to work for me after that... I really did love him and wanted him back but I pushed him away to see if he would come back... But some girls are different... If you really love her don't let her go easily..:: if she doesn't come back at least you tried !!

    • Thank you for the feedback.. yeah she blocked me on snapchat fb and everything... she had even made a remark dont worry you can move on fast you did sleep with those woman when we werent together you be just fine.. when she told me that it hurt so much... I told her fighting for her and everything all she says is for me move on.. it just sucks

  • It will take her time to move on from your betrayal


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