I lost my soulmate. We dated for a year and 3 months. She was the missing piece of my life. How do I get her back?

The girl I was with was my soulmate, we both believed it. We were perfect together. Played video games, played sports, watched movies, took each others virginities, loved each other's families and friends. She smoked weed before we dated and stopped when we began. We broke up after taking a 'break'. She said she needed to find herself. She later told me she wasn't happy for awhile and said I made 'comments' that hurt her but never gave an example. I know I wasn't perfect, but she never once mentioned this before. She always told me in person and text how in love she was and how happy she was. We've hung out a few times since we split. She kept telling me it was too soon to get back together. We ended up hanging out a few weeks ago and had sex. Thought we were trying to work it out. She told me the next day she doesn't want a relationship right now, not for awhile as she has personal issues she has to sort out. She said she doesn't love me the same way anymore, but still loves me and my family very much. I bought her flowers that day and gave them to her the next weekend as she had lost her cousin recently and was down. I brought a friend of mine with me (a girl she knew I wasn't interested in) since we were heading to the beach. She texted me later telling me she loved the flowers but made her day worse. She told me she needs to be left alone and wants me to move on as it is too stressful for her. She said it'd be awhile before shed be ready to talk to me as she's not on the same page right now. I haven't talked to her in 3 weeks besides telling her 'happy bday' a few days ago.
she's 19 in her 2nd year of college. I'm 23 and out of college. She told me that for the last 9 months of dating she was smoking weed every day and snorting her prescribed adderall and lied to me about it. She hasn't been with any other guys since and isn't interested in anything besides herself right now

I love this girl more than anything and she is the one for me. How do I get her back?
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Thought I'd add a couple things that I forgot. We've been broken up for 6 months now. She comes from a broken family. Her parents split when she was young and she started smoking when she was 15 and tried to overdose on pills. Her brother smokes and does harder drugs and her cousin does the same. I also want to assure that I am neither desperate nor needy, I just know what I want.
I lost my soulmate. We dated for a year and 3 months. She was the missing piece of my life. How do I get her back?
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