How do you get over someone who left you when you still have feelings for them?

A while back my girlfriend left me. She didn't give an explanation or anything, just literally stopped talking to me. Its been a couple months and she is still all I think about. I'm constantly racking my brain trying to think of something I may have done to make her not like me anymore. I also just think about how much fun I had with her and how much I miss her and want her back. My question is what do you guys do to get over someone, especially if you didn't get any closure like me. I have thought about trying to find someone else but the problem is I'm not good at talking to girls, this last relationship developed over a period of time where I got to know the girl and was friends first before we even did the dating thing so I feel like finding someone may always take that long for me. I just don't know what to do, any suggestions will help, thanks.


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  • No explanation? You must have done something. Try talking to her again and if she won't, talk to someone who is close to her.

    • See that's what I don't get. Everything seemed to be going great and I truthfully can't think of anything I did or said that would have changed her mind. The last time I was with her we had a nice time and she kissed me goodbye so its not like anything was wrong then. Its like something happened after that day because she just stopped talking to me and I haven't seen her since. Also, I've tried to contact her a few times and she just won't respond to any of my attempts. I also really don't know any of her friends personally because we weren't together that long (a month and a half), so I really feel like I'm out of options and should probably just get over it. The problem is I still want to be with her and if I were to decide to just get over it I don't know how to do that because like I said she's all I think about.

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    • Yeah I hope you are right. However I feel she would've contacted me by now if she really wanted too :( I guess it could happen though, I just hope it happens soon, I really want closure.

    • Yes, closure would be nice

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  • You will start feeling better once you accept the reality that you need to find material success. Your material success will show that she was wrong to leave you. People might think I am being materialistic but that is how world is actually. People sell their mother for money.
    Earn your worth first then go for a girl

    • I know I'm asking for advice but Im sorry, thats just not true at all. Any girl who wants to be with me because of materialistic reasons and only because of that can just move on. I'm looking for someone who wants me for me and not material possession. She's out there, just have to find her. So I'm sorry your advice really wasn't very helpful.

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    • Your belief in the positive is the thing that will keep you going actually :)
      You will find the one

    • Thank you, I hope your right :)

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