Am I his rebound or not?

First of all he is my ex, we have a long history together and we dated on and off for a year. We were both too immature at the time and while we both wanted the same things, we both went the wrong way about it. We did both care for each other and treated each other different from how we have treated anybody else in relationships. We both moved on and both had long term relationships after each other. Nearly two years later he came back, we both seemed to have gone through break ups at the same time.

We spoke and he apologised for how he treated me and that he never expects another chance with me in his entire life and he regrets everything but he would love to just have me as a friend. I wasn't bothered, I was upset about my recent break up, I said its fine we can be friends. Soon we turned into friends with benefits just to get over previous relationships, I learned he went through a bad break up and had realised he 'made a mistake losing me'. He didn't seem bothered by his ex any more and we never spoke about our previous relationships after the first conversation we had. He started to get jealous when I mentioned other guys and told me he wants me to himself, before after a month he shyly and nervously told me he has feelings for me. He always wants to talk to me and makes an effort with me.

It does feel different from a few years ago as we are older now (I'm 21, he's 24) and now I'm beginning to like him too, I have yet to tell him. He told me he has something to ask me when he sees me & keeps talking about us together. But would I just be a rebound or have we genuinely just reconnected after all these years? We always had a good connection & I don't feel like I'm using him as a rebound even though I came out of a relationship two months ago, I just instantly connected with him again, I'm just not sure if I would be his rebound?
Am I his rebound or not?
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