Want my sons father back?

We have a 1 month old together , we were not together during my pregnancy , before I got pregnant we broke up.. 5 month relationship... Felt kind of like we were forcing feelings and didn't feel very real and natural , he broke up with me.. for a girl he was working with , and also was seeing his ex.. Of course I was pissed... He came to hospital to see baby born and helped with baby, he comes and sees baby everyday , we talk and laugh a lot, but the times we have gotten Into it I did extreme things out of anger.. He seems like he kind of wants to see if things will work but I dont know , and not sure if I should trust him... but I do miss being with him.. not sure if it's just sexually or emotionally... Should I just let things go naturally and see where things go or just ask what our thing is.. or what do I do?


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  • You don't want him back that would be a big mistake. You need to get court ordered child support and visitation scheduled. If you don't you're even dumber than getting pregnant after only 5 months


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  • I believe you should take care of youself. You baby is just one month old, some men think the can go back to the baby mom any time they want. If you want him back for good, let him see what he is missing. Play nice let him desires you. Make him win you back.


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