Hookup gone wrong. what to learn from this?

i met this girl on tinder for dates. on second date we hooked up and right before sex as we were talking i said that i wanted a 'sexual relationship'. but we were both very drunk and rambling at the time. the next morning she is very affectionate with me- holding hands on the street, sweet messages after we part, etc. and i play along because i'm someone who always has trouble saying no. and i'm always extra nice to girls to begin with so she probably thought it was a genuine thing i was seeking...

but obviously i do not want a relationship...

how do i handle this and what can i learn from this if there were any mistakes?


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  • Remind her it was a sexual relationship and maybe friendship you wanted. That you have your reasons for not wanting a romantic relationship. Maybe there was a language barrier because in some languages there are two ways of saying something or the thing you say (non english) has more than meaning. So they took it differently than you meant it. If this is the case simply explain their was a misunderstanding because of a translation problem. It might work to send a card to her or other message. That allows some distance while still getting your message across.

  • Don't mention relationships for a start..
    And tell her up front so you don't have that again


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