What should I do about Facebook?

I've been broken up with my ex for a long time, yet the fb drama never stopped (emotional and mind games photos and posts), few months back I deactivated mine, but it made me disconnect from the people I know.

We are not even friends on fb, I never added her, when we were together she asked me about it but I never added her because of the drama I've faced before from others, I didn't want her on my fb unless things worked out, but she found mine nonetheless (she didn't add me).

If I re activate I am being watched and I can't post anything or be myself, If I deactivate it I lose a part of my life, what do you think I should do? I want peace.

** I tried activating and posting like nothing is wrong but I am tired of pretending, I am not the type of person who is good at lying or acting (I don't think it's the right way either).
** I tried reaching out to her when she makes those posts only to face backfire from her.


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  • I'm confused. If you block her as a friend, you can't see her stuff, she can't see yours, life goes on. That includes anything she posts under a mutual friend's timeline. Delete her, block her, and Rock On, dude!

    • I would block her but it's still attention, (negative but still she will like it), I don't want to give her the slightest bit of attention since she hurt me much and sadly used to get a rush from it

      I pleade guilty to checking on her fb every few days, I wish I could stop but I never had closure

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    • This might seem weird lol but I don't think she knows I check on her, we never discussed fb other than that one time and her name is unsearchable because it has some weird characters (the reason why I found it is because I am good with computers)

      I think what I should is be on fb like I was before knowing her and be strong enough to never check on her again

    • Yes. That would be the way. Believe it or not, the longer you go without checking on her, the easier it is. Honest. Give it up like a bad habit. You can DO this!

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  • I`ve had a stalker that tried to commit identity theft. They were even prosecuted for it and restraining orders. Then they tried every loop-hole they could find. The court then took stronger action. They were even under a technology ban once.

    You could set up another account with your real name but no photographs of you that are public or of friends that are public. Because if they know your friends list they can find you if your friend tags you in a photo. This is because your friends might not have their privacy settings to friends only for photo albums or your friends list which should be private or friends only.

    I admit I gave in to anger & briefly created a journal to call them out on what they and their friends did. I even showed evidence from a government archive & my medical tests from injury. I deleted that.

    Then I started fresh with strong privacy settings and using my birth name. Why should I feel pushed out by a bunch of bullies. Their own actions show the type of people they are.

    I think you should start a fresh journal if you miss your friends. Make all privacy settings friends or private. Choose review posts you are tagged in (to reject you being named in someones picture). If you used your first and last name in your prior journal try your middle name or variation of it and last name. It`s still your legal name and many people go by variants of their name. For example in asia depending on the language sometimes my own name appeared different due to translation.

    You can print out any old evidence of harassment and ask police for a peace bond or a restraining order. Other than that carry on with your friends with this woman on your block list for the new journal you create. She won't see you, you won't see her and you won't miss things anymore.

    • Thanks I actually made a new fb a couple of weeks back and used my initials for my last name, I haven't added anyone I know yet but I've been thinking about using that one from now on and maybe later change it or use one with my real name because as you said, Why should I feel pushed out by people like that

  • Just post whatever you want and no care if she is watching or "stalking you". You two broke up so it shouldn't matter what you do.


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  • You can adjust your privacy settings so that she cannot see anything you post unless she is on your friends list.


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