Ex leads me on, admits to it, tells me to get out of his life, blocks me, then three months later unblocks me? what does it mean?

My ex and i had been hanging out for a while after we broke up and it was as if we were back together. i was going to travel a semester abroad and we even had plans to see each other when i returned. while i was away, i get a text from him saying "get out of my life. i love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you" and then he blocked me on all social media. turns out he had another girlfriend the whole time we were hanging out again and he had been using me. i know for a fact that he sent the text, not her, so why would he unblock me three months later if he truly wanted me out of his life?


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  • Because he has a girlfriend when he blocks you then unblocks you when that sours. It's to use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else

    • so what do I do?

    • Well what do you think? You're a backup part time girlfriend. Do you not understand that? That's all you'll ever be to him. He'll tell you all kinds of things like how much he's missed you and how you're the only one he's ever loved blah blah. You're stupid for communicating with him at all

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