When a guy said "I hope we can speak soon when I finish this project" what does that really mean?

I told him as much I would love to keep dating him exclusively I need to move on from him because we haven't seen each other for a month and we only text like once a week. I also don't feel like he still wants me.

He responded telling how stress he is and he is just in self preservation mode during intense time. He said he really does like me a lot but he understand that I have to take care of myself rather than dealing with his chaotic life. He said I hope we can speak soon as soon as I get out of this project.


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  • That he is cared about you, but not in a way that he will ignore his stuff in order to

    • Thats reasonable, I would never ask him to skip work to spend time with me. However wtih such sporadic text with someone he claims he wants to keep moving forward with. he said he was so stress and has mental blockage to communicate with me. yet i find him on whatsapp from time to time.. even if it's not a daily thing... still shows he HAS the mind space to communicate with others just not with me...

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    • Well perhaps he meant it or he is divided between you and another girl,
      at least if he's a real man he will tell you the truth.
      But the thing that he said "I do really like you a lot but" sounds for me too pressured and unhonest.. I'd say it feels like he just doesn't want to hurt you and tell you this, but not his honest opinion about all.
      Perhaps he is also unsure what he really wants and proceed with a step that can bring him back next to you.

    • If there's anyone I would assume it's one of the ex. he is in touch of his exes.. even she is overseas and they broke up 18 months ago. The nature of their relationship was what he desccribed " passionate" but lots of fights and hot and cold from the girl. If he is acting like the way he is acting with me now, i don't blame the girl for lashing out on him.

      He siad his main probable is instabiltiy of his career / finance. I knew he is not doing well when we met, but I never judge a guy by how much he makes as their values and our connections is more important to me.

      Anyway I responded to his message by saying ok i understand, i just need more communication. Get in touch when you can.

      as i didn't see the poitn in going into lenghty text discussions. and also just wanted to let him know that i acklodege things he said

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  • From where I am sitting, and with you Both still at Least 'We only text like once a week,' it seems that he has Let go Some now, that you Both have this Understanding where you Both Stand, and with him Telling you "I hope we can speak soon when I finish the project," if you don't hear anything for Awhile, it's because it is going to be A... Very long 'Project' and he will Call you at his Own Convenience, regardless what 'Project.'
    For now, Focus on your own life. There are things here, dear, that You now Know about Joe in having Gotten to Know someone.
    Good luck. xx

    • Oh well I guess just act like he doesn't exist is the best way to go.

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    • Will do sister!

    • Thank you, hun, for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • "He said he really does like me a lot " it could be true, but he is not willing to make time for you. He likes himself way more than he likes you.

    Speak to you soon probably sounded to casual, and he might have wanted to make it sound more sincere by saying "he hopes" He was definitely trying to get a reaction out of you.


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  • Lol at Lumos's response. Pretty much saying that if he still has a chance to make things work with you by the time his project ends. Though it kinda sucks that he isn't balancing his time for you AND work. Signs which show poor time management since everytime he gets involved in new projects this will be the case.

    • Yes he does have poor time management skill and neither is his stress management skill. His stress is also caused by unstablity of his work.

      I replied to let him know I understand and I just need more communication. Get I touch when you can.

      He should know I'm waiting to hear from him.

  • That he hopes you can speak soon when he finishes that project he was talking about.
    What makes you think he meant anything else but that?

    • I was wondering if he could be saying it just to be "polite" or to string me along

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    • If he's busy with work then you can't really blame him for not being able to be there for you 24/7. It seems like he's doing the best he can. You should try to be more supportive of him, instead of pushing high standards onto him.

    • I can only be supportive if he lets me in. He hasn't seen me for a month and there's barely any text... I was left with no choice but to say I like to be there for you and willing to put it even more effort to make it work. but i won't do that without feeling you want it too...

  • Just give him time hun, maybe the stress he is going through will pass. You never know :)

    • It's been a month since I saw him, he said it's not about not wanting to see me. he dressed his words up by saying his stress eclipsed his wants... yea... anyway he often ignored my text. and when i reach out he just kept apologizing... project should finish in this week or two.. i get the feeling that he meant don't contact me again i will get in touch when im done... or he hopes i will just get over him by then.. no clue..

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