Blocked me on Facebook?

My ex-boyfriend just blocked me on Facebook when we haven't talked for weeks. Why?

Okay, I'll make this as brief as possible because I know you guys don't have all day.

Boyfriend of 3 years lost his job a little over a month ago and went a little crazy, and things got terrible between us. He finally decided to go to therapy and decided we needed to break up and not speak to each other anymore because he was ashamed of the way he behaved towards me. He said he was too dependent on me and needed to "force distance" between us and not speak anymore. I wasn't thrilled about it because I thought we could still work something out, but he was insistent. Finally I went along with it and didn't protest and completely left him alone as he wished.

A week later he texts me on my birthday saying that he'll always love me and I'm always on his mind. I responded "thanks"- just like that. We haven't been Facebook friends since our breakup because I had deleted it and deactivated it, but as soon as I reactivated it he blocked me This happened 2 weeks ago.

My question is- why? I wasn't bothering him. I wasn't even talking to him. It has been over a month since our last "real" conversation. One week he's breaking up with me, the next he's telling me he loves me, then he's blocking me on Facebook. What is this guy's deal, is he playing games? Is he trying to get a response out of me or p*ss me off? It just sucks being dumped and THEN having him do something such as block me... like adding insult to injury. I mean, I GET IT dude, you don't wanna talk to me anymore... who is he trying to convince, me or himself?!
Blocked me on Facebook?
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