What makes you cheat on your girl/man?

the question says it all. why would you or what would drive you to do it?


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  • I cheated because I was unhappy in the relationship and felt trapped. It was escapism at its finest, and I don't regret it because I grew a lot from the experience, and thanks to that particular horrible relationship, I feel as though I know more about what I'm getting myself into when I date people. In the future, rather than cheat, if I'm unhappy in a relationship, I feel as though I'll just end things rather than let things escalate.

    • True.. but what ifthere's too many things on the line when you end things

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    • Long term, I think that it's better to divorce than stay miserable for the sake of the child.

    • True...

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  • i think its the worst thing you can do in a relationship and it shows that you don't respect your partner all that much. to me it shows a lack of love and though I know its not a simple black and white thing, I can't help but think that if there is a problem, it should be talked about. I know its easier said than done but my opinion is that if I found out a girl had cheated on me, I would want to end it there.

  • Nothing.


What Girls Said 4

  • I have cheated when I was younger, and it was because I was bored. or if he p*ssed me off.

    Also, I didn't see them as anything serious or long term, so I didn't care.

    • What about now?

    • No, I haven't cheated lately. I found someone that I could actually see myself with and I've been with him faithfully for over 5 years.

    • God for u

  • Nothing not even if they cheated on me because I've been cheated on before and I know how it hurts especially when you loved them.

    • It sucks when we don't know till we find out

    • I know...i don't see the point if you don't want to be with me then don't how can it be anymore complicated than that? lol

  • I cheated on my long distance boyfriend when we first got together. I was really down and hurt and horny, and he wasn't comforting me, or there for me at all, so I hooked up with a f*** buddy that didn't know I was taken. :/

    It was really stupid, but it did make me feel better at that moment.

    • You never regret anything in life because at that moment that's what you really wanted.

  • um I'm not a cheater but I would consider it if he cheated on me and I wanted to hurt him

    • Sweet revenge. but still hurts the same. :(

    • Personally, I would have to care so little about a girl to cheat on her, that it wouldn't bother me if she slept with someone else.

    • So if you get mad about her still talking to her ex, it means you care so much right?

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