Is playing it cool or professional ruining it or whats happening?

So its a weird situation between me and my ex. We broke up 3 months ago when he fell into stress for a minth and eventually brokeup with me saying felt like not connecting and feelings etc. He was the first to contact me and he texted a few times and we also hung out and had sex a few times. Last time I asked him to hang he had a lot going on and didn't know how he felt. I now work with him well helping and its obvious to everyone that works there that there is still something there. they see us both looking at each other and looking down etc. I also get have to leave early so i have to get dressed up in dresses and I def know he's looking at me. He texted me once since i started and had said a few things to me. I try to keep it professional and concentrate on my student im with so im playing it like ignoring but not so much. Past 2 days he's been coming to my group more during swimming and activitie time. He is a director so i know he has to come around but he stayed for quite awhile the past 2 days but then no text at night. The attraction is still there and i feel like its an open book like an unwritten story between us that hasn't ended yet. is there potential or is me playing like im not caring ruining it? I am also going to tell him how i feel in the next few days.


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  • You're fucking up. You WILL breakup again for much of the same reasons. Exes are exes for a reason and need to stay that way. But if you think you can be friends and reconcile and ride off into the sunset together then have fun with that. Lmfao smh


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