What could he want now?

I was with this guy for about a year or so, we had our ups and downs, few break ups down the road, but we always seamed to find a way back to each other, thats why we decided at our final goodbye not to try and be friend again, cuz that obviously didn't work for us, since we ended up at the beginning... Its been two years since we had contact, and now he wants to meet up.. is it a date? Is it possible to be just friends after all of that? How do I know if there are any feelings left?


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  • I think he could be have a lust on you and he only wanted on a physical relationship.

  • He wants sex, that's all any man wants at any point from a woman. Just sex, sex & sex.

    • i though so as well, so i made it clear i will not have sex with him cuz i might have some leftover feelings.. few days later he asked me again

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