Whatsapp profile pic of a girl on her own?

Has anyone ever set a profile picture of a girl on her own on whatsapp?

My recent ex of 5 years who I didn't want to break up with, we were buying a house etc and very close then one day BOOM "i feel nothing" . I obviously begged etc originally but gradually backed away as I had to. I just finished 30 days no contact today and was planning to reach out this weekend one final time, but not now.

He wouldn't open up to me or speak to me at all and i was genuinely worried about him.

A month and a half later he has set his picture on whatsapp to a picture of a random girl for the last week and a half.

Long story but my friend started a convo with him, he didn't realise it was my friend. He said it was his girlfriend and then two sentences later started flirting with her! Is it some kind of crisis? But when he was talking to her he changed his picture to other stuff. She "saw" the pic though so commented which is when he said about the girlfriend. It was coming across as really creepy. We only messaged originally because I wanted to reach out this weekend and I wanted to check I had the right number as its a work phone, long story but it's due go whatsapp settings and he said he was getting given a new work phone.

When we were together our main source of contact was whatsapp and he doesn't use other social media so it's the only place to possibly rub it in my face. I have deleted his number but know it by heart unfortunately.


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  • I've done that, but it was for the sexual thrill.


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  • You feel nothing for him? Just ignore it

    • hey are the same phoenix? who deactivated today?

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    • He did it to piss u off and get your attention

    • He broke up with me though, wtf is the point !

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