Ladies is this a rejection? Read description. its short

just talked to this girl from my college class and we had a conversation. This was the second time I talked to her. At the end when she was going to her class I asked can I have you're number? She replied " I usually don't give out my number to people." Then she said who knows maybe after two three times we talk I will. Is this a flat out rejection? I felt awful when she said that to me. Today I went to school happy thinking I may have had a chance. But, no my confidence took a turn for the worse. Ladies please tell me what you think and should I keep talking with her or should I just leave her alone?


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  • I can say, I don't just give my number out to some guy I've only spoken to twice. Talk to her some more! Maybe after some more conversations, she'll know you a little bit better and feel more comfortable giving her number out.

    • So does that mean, she could be still interested but I asked too fast maybe. I'm just surprised because I see guys picking up girls on the street or bar and not even knowing them.

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    • Well. Beat her to the door and YOU wait for HER. lol. But you'll know more after you talk to her a few more times. Along the lines of whether or not you're wasting your time that is.

    • Yeah but she is right next to the door. And I would have to go through a crowd of people and I don't want to look desperate and stuff. because I'm not, even though I really like her.

  • She's probably wanting to get to know you so she knows she's not giving her number to a creeper

    • I can't believe I would come off as a creepy guy. I feel kinda weird now.

    • I didn't mean that you are a creepy guy...she doesn't really know you so she doesn't know if you are a creeper or not...she's testing the waters...just play it cool

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