What does my ex girlfriend mean is this forever?

What does it's time for us to go our separate ways mean


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  • Means she cannot deal with whatever is going anymore.


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  • Dude, that means the relationship between the two of you are completely DONE and OVER, what do you not get or realize?

    Time to go separate ways and live your lives on separate paths.

    That's the reality of it all, no relationship is absolutely guaranteed to last forever, no matter what.

    • Ok soundin over harsh

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    • Just take your life and heal, rediscover what your goals and priorities in life really are. If all your other goals are pretty much all set, and you're feel you are all good and ready. Such as you're independent, have a good career and job you can support yourself with, have your own place or live with cool and trustworthy roommates, and have a really good and strong social circle or network of professionals relevant to your field and career then you're pretty much all set at that point and can re-prioritize and re-focus on dating and relationships. Otherwise I would suggest to not put your heart, mind, effort and focus on dating and relationships for now, when the other important things would be of greater priority and require much more effort, time, and your attention.

      Thanks for MHO!

    • *Just take your time slowly and live life the way you want, and heal emotionally*

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  • She wants to end things with you, probably forever but you never know.


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