This guy is making my job uncomfortable. How do I get him to stop?

This guy I stopped talking to keeps coming in to my work, making other members of my team feel uncomfortable, and bad mouthing me to other team members. Here's the story: I work for a make-up store. I had started talking to this guy for about 3 weeks. I didn't talk about it at work because I keep my work and personal life separate. Well, he came in on two separate occasions and shared all our dating details to a couple of my co-workers. I didn't appreciate it because I'm private and decided to cut him loose/ cease contact. I wasn't mean about it even though I should have been. A few days later, he came into my store and would not leave my department for 1 1/2 hours. The reason I know how long he stayed was because I had a training that lasted that long at the same time. He did this a few times and management caught wind that it was someone I knew and I was advised that he couldn't hang around and chitchat with the team. I was basically told to have him stop coming in and given a warning even though I hadn't talked to him after cutting him loose. I messaged him and explained he cannot come in to chitchat/ sit around for hours in the store with the team; that he was getting me in trouble and to please not come in anymore (he would never buy anything... just grab too many samples of cologne and chitchat with people). I was very polite about it all. He apologized and said he wouldn't come in anymore. Well, the jerk continues to come in, doing the same crap as before. The difference is now he tries to hit on the other members of my team and makes them feel super uncomfortable (99% of the store is women) and then he bad-mouths me to anyone that would listen in the store.


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  • You, or the store manager cannot control his behavior. This is a public store. I'd like to think your managers are smart enough to realize he's not your child. Telling you to control him and his actions won't accomplish anything. It's not your responsibility - never was!

    What your store CAN do, is file a complaint with the police about him harassing the employees and store customers. Will that stop him? Maybe. It doesn't prevent him from standing outside and talking to other customers. Again, filing another complaint about his harassment is possible then too. Your store and possibly you too, need to start some legal action against him at this point.


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  • You should report him


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