Focusing on work and not him, is it showing that im not initerested or what?

Broken up with ex for 3 months and its still very real. We only were in a relationship for 3 months but it was something amazing. Bad that i still have feelings all this time after? We found each other and connected with everything and hit it off. He broke up with me and since then he was the initiaer or talking and such. We also had sex a few times over the course of these months. He told me he's not sure how he's feeling about things when I asked him to come over oen night and now I see him everyday at his work which I attend with my student. I am trying to play it cool and now sort of ignoring him and not talking to him but its undeniable that we both still look at each other and such. He hasn't texted me first since i started but answered my texts a few times and other times he desnt read them for a few days it just makes crazy sense. Could he not know what he wants? am i doing a bad thing that i am focusing on work and not making an effort to talk with him? I mean Ill say things here and there when he says stuff. I am also going to tell him how I feel in a few days. If nothing works out then so be it but I think I have to do it for myself. Is that dumb?


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  • You both have broken up now so how does it matter if you are showing interest in talking to him or not. According to me it shouldn't matter. I think you are giving too much importance to this.


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  • No it's not dumb. You need closure and if he doesn't feel the same way, then so be it, at least you found out sooner then later. That stuff usually will eat you up inside.

    It seems like you still have feelings for him. Put more effort into it. If you care about someone, no matter how busy at work you are, you'd find time for them. And maybe that was the issue. Maybe he felt unwanted and undesired by you because your focus was always to work.

    • That wasn't the case. I always had time for him and him me in the beginning. He fell into stress for a good month closing off from everyone and then proceeded to tell me that he wasn't feeling what he thought he should by this time and that he felt we weren't growing closer which I thought his fault since closing off. After the bu he initiated contact we still talked and had sex a few times and now I see him everyday until tomorrow with him at work. I will tell him how I feel. Apart of me feels like we are still and unwritten story and a part of me feels like it's over but I'm leanin to the good side.

    • I don't think his emotionally invested in the situation like you are. I mean his just there, there is no follow up or anything to make the connection sound stronger then what it was before. The stress may have been overwhelming and that tends to isolate people, I'm sure that he didn't mean for that to happen.

      Tell him how you feel and see his reaction

    • Thanks I am going to and ill see how it goes. I invited him out for my friend birth. day and he said he wasn't sure if he could make it yet we will see.

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