Crushing on someone recently divorced and hurt because of it. Advice please?

There is this guy I know who I see sometimes. He is an acquaintance and we see each other at social events a couple times a year. He was separated last year when we met for the first time and I think there is a mutual attraction. I didn't know he was going through a divorce though. I found out he just finalized his divorce and he's still really hurt because of it. He and his ex-wife have a child together. She cheated on him and he tried to fix it, but it just didn't work out.

I have a huge crush on him, and from FB it seems like we have a lot in common, but I realize the last thing on his mind right now is a relationship. I am meeting other guys but nothing has really come of it, and I definitely wouldn't hold back for this guy.

I don't know what it's like to be married and have to go through divorce so I don't really know what he's going through so I have no idea what to do

Any advice would be really appreciated though.


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  • Give him some space, he probably wouldn't a new relationship this soon

  • Let him grieve everything out and don't rush it, becuase the last thing he needs to go through is another failed marriage, and this is not to say that YOU will be a failed marriage to him, but he's probably likely going through trust issues or how difficult it will be to meet the next woman and not have doubts about her.

    So, present yourself respectfully, come at him here and there, but not always. Be careful of topics you speak of, like for now, I wouldn't venture into his past unless he agrees to talk about it.

    • Yeah I didn't want to push anything either (not that I'm the pushy type anyway). I was thinking just light flirting whenever I see him and show that I'm into him a bit and if he decides to go for it that could be up to him.

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