How do you unlove someone you love?

I break up with my boyfriend because I had psycho that he hides a secret affair with Daisy (daughter's owner of the apartment he is currently living with), because he does sweet comments to her fb posts and makes close to her family. Plus, he doesn't want to show me up! I blocked him on Facebook & all contacts. But after 3 months, he followed me on my Instagram. He was very happy that I talk with him again and says he miss me so much. But after a month, he acts of being "Unavailable" again. I just let it be and focus to my studies. I graduated with honor in college and He calls me on messeger because he wants to confess something important. He says, he was very regretful of letting me go and it was his biggest mistake. He says, he still loves me and wants me back. I was was about to give him a chance but I was shocked why Daisy and Him just became "friends again" on Facebook (so it means the girl just unfriend him). Later on , I was shocked he posted drawing a boy and girl kissing and wrote a date of April 2, 2016. I asked a question to him about it. He said, he plans to have surprise visit me that time but he failed to do so because he is too busy in school. The next day, I wonder why he deleted it. When I had hard time looking for jobs. His attitude becomes rude and doesn't want to talk with me and often making me jealous. The most shocking was, Daisy tagged him on Facebook, a Surprise! Him with daisy and her family. I become so mad and I unfriend him on Facebook.. But I wonder why he doesn't have any reactions... Or even ask why I unfriend him. He acts like he doesn't care.

to be honest, I dont understand his behavior
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One year ago, he transferred to another city to have further studies. That is the start of our complicated relationship
How do you unlove someone you love?
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