Is my ex stringing me along?

My ex and I have been back and forth for years. We broke up several years ago and have still been in each others lives. But I keep wanting him back. He says we can hang out , have fun , mess around ( I don't have noncommittal sex) and no pressure. He takes me out, pays, and offers to drive sometimes. He says we need to start back out as friends but no expectations, pressure, etc. I mean, he is very affectionate and tells me he still cares for me and stuff. He says we are working towards a commitment, but we need to take things slow. But he wants to mess around every time we see each other. But I ask him to hang out and he says Maybe, or I will let you know. Sometimes he turns me down. I don't know. He says he still has some feelings, but he introduces me as his friend. I still love him and we both agreed to wait to have sex until we get back together, IF that happens. He says he don't know when we will hang out and that we should enjoy each other (meaning to mess around, in other words) He wants me to touch him..I refuse to, because it always ends up making me feel used. So I told him that until we decide where things are going we need to not be messing around. He says to stop thinking about it so much and enjoy life. Let things happen naturally. He says he will give me everything but a commitment. At least for right now. He says he just wants to hang out and have a good time, and if we feel like making out, cool. If not, we don't. I told him to go find a booty call because I am not going to do anything with him. So, what is your advice on this? Is he stringing me along?


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  • You're wasting your time. When you have an entire page to type as your question it's usually not good. There are just way to many people out there not to be 110% happy and sure of your relationship. I honestly think if you left completely when you broke up the first time not only would you find a guy that you are happy with you would of found multiple guys..This guy does not want a relationship with you. All he wants is booty. No question


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