Asking Ex to come out or hang out?

We broke up 3 months ago. I still very much have feelings for him and want to try this again with him. Over the course of the Bu he initiated contact with me and I saw him afew times and we also had sex a few times. I now see him everyday at a summer camp. All the counselors know that we have a thing they see us always looking at each other and glancing over. So I feel like something is still there. Well my freinds birthday is today and we are all going out for it. She told me to invite him bc she knows i still talk with. So i texted last night and he responded that he wasn't sure he could make it as he going to dinner after camp today with everyone as it is the last day. Not sure if that is the truth as I thought they were going yesterday but things could have changed. I mean at least he answered the text. Is this a good step to maybe try and get things going with us again? like to invite him out and maybe if he doesn't come out tell him that I wished he had? I am also going to tell him how I feel eventually bc its been bothering me. I still feel there is a chance. It feels like a book that isn't finished being written.


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  • Why did you guys break up?

    • It's kind of confusing to me. We never had any fights and got a long great and conected. Everyone saw how great we were. Well he went through a lot of stress with finding a job. He closed off from everyone including me for a good month. Not wanting to go out anywhere/do anything etc always saying sorry that he sucks and what not. Well after that he just came out and said that it was nothing I did and it was him. He felt like we were not growing closer and did not feel what he thought he should. Which is the confusing part as before that he always told me how amazing I was and how he falls more for me everyday and how loving he was. So it kind of made no sense. I also asked himt o hang a few weeks back at my house and he had a lot going on and said was not sure how he felt about everything. Not sure if it was about us or not. Sorry for it being so long

    • Sounds almost like my story. Same thing happened to me and now he is also making contact, but do you know what is going through my mind when he tries to flirt with me, what if his feelings for me change again and then I am left to pick up my broken heart. its confusing and it hurts. but you really need to think about the pros and cons here. I do still have feelings for my ex, but I don't know if I can put myself through that again, because I deserve way more than that and so do you!!
      Don't let him play with your emotions. If he cannot give you a straight answer, then it is not worth your energy.

    • Thanks!! I think I am just going to have to lay it on the table and tell him exactly how I feel if something good happens then so be it and if not then at least I tried and fought for what I wanted. A part of me says yes something is still going to happen as I feel it and another part is saying no

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