Should I break up with my boyfriend or work on the relationship?

He often accused me of the wandering eye and even went as far as to say that I cheated on him. We went out for 5 years and I was faithful to him, not the flirting type and very respectful to him. It would hurt me so much when he would accuse me of these things.

We had a fight about 8 months ago but kept in contact, I never dated anyone and specially because we never officially broke up.

Then one day he asked to meet and we he confessed that he went on dates during this time and slept with two people. I don't know what to make of this and feel so hurt.


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  • It's obvious that he didn't share your level of commitment that goes without saying. But in the minimal defense I can give him he did man up and admit it , not that it is a comfort. Accusing you of cheating is usually a tail tale sign that either he has cheated or he doesn't trust you for what ever reason. It all comes down to do you want to give him another chance or has he stepped over a line that there is no return?


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  • The decision to break up or make up with him is purely down to you.

    If you still love him despite your hurtful feelings brought about by his cheating confession, you could make up with him. It takes some balls to admit to cheat especially if the confession was voluntary.

    If his cheating confession has led you to lose love for him, it is pointless being in a relationship you no longer love.

  • normally when someone accused you of cheating it's because they person is normally cheating on you...
    and his guilt is killing him so he finds a way to put that on you to make himself Feel good...

    you should dump him

  • Let him go it's not going to
    Get better.


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