My girlfriend was forced to leave me. Will she come back?

After 2 years me and my ex girlfriend broke up 2 weeks ago. She left me because her parents forced her to. I was discriminated for my disability (which I have a lawsuit going on) and ended up in a brief financial crisis which I'm trying with all my power to resolve. Her parents told her if she doesn't leave me they'd cut her off financially, take her car, and stop paying for her college (which is very important to her). She left me once because of her parents wanted her to but she called me 3 weeks after i stopped talking to her wanting me back and we got back together. Told me she stood up to her parents. This time her parents tried harder throwing threats at her. I apologized for overreacting when we broke up and then haven't tried talking to her since using the NC rule whether it gets her back or helps me move on. Do you think she'll come through and understand it's wrong for her parents to choose who she's with. Do you think we'll be together again?


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