How to break up without breaking her apart?

I have been with my girlfriend for 5 months already and I can't see our relationship going on. We don't live far from each other but it just feels like a distant relationship. It's dying clearly and we don't hang out a lot and I don't show feelings anymore as much as In the beginning. I do not feel the same about her. The problem is that she can't see it. I am her first boyfriend and she's exited about it AF. She (from what I see) doesn't care that we barely see each other and rarely hang out, she's just exited that she has a boyfriend. She says that I am important to her and talks a lot about how she likes me and how she cares and she sent this video with some romantic music and our pictures and some nice words for our 5 months (that we even haven't met that day). I'm moving to college very soon and ahe believes that our relationship will be alive with the distance when it's not living with no distance. It just makes it so hard because she is a very nice person and I don't want to break her apart because she just doesn't seem to see it, but it will be selfish of not saying that because while she gives me all that emotion I will not do the same. How am I supposed to break up with her?
How to break up without breaking her apart?
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